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December 8, 2003

A. G. Russell Knives, a northwest Arkansas based company, is offering a hand to our troops and all who protect us every day. Being moved by 9-11 and The War on Terror, A. G. Russell Knife Company a year ago decided to do as much as they can for those who are in the front line, both here at home and overseas. For the duration of The War on Terror, that is as long as there are troops in combat or on the verge of combat, they will continue this program.

During a recent interview with A. G. Russell he explained, "Patriotism is not new for us, we have supported the military for many years. My father served 33 years active duty (3-1/2 as POW-Bataan-Manchuria), my little brother 4 years as corpsman with USMC in SE Asia in the early 1960s. I did three years in the Infantry, enlisted to go to Korea, but three cycles in the Ft. Ord Hospital kept me busy until the conflict was over. My son served 5 years in the marines. I have a great love for my country, as do my employees, and this seems like the right thing to do to show our support and gratitude".

A. G. Russell Knife prices are already discounted to some extent, many as much as 20-25%. For anyone who can provide identification as a member of the U.S Police, Firefighters, EMT or Military (active, reserve or retired), they will provide an additional discount of 25% off the catalog or web-site prices.

This discount is not in addition to the discount already given to the members of the Knife Collectors Club, and does not apply to knives purchased from The Cutting Edge, or In order to receive this extra discount, fax (479-631-8493), e-mail ( ), or mail a copy of your ID, or send your order from a .mil e-mail address or from an APO or FPO address.

A. G. Russell Knives sincerely hopes that this extra discount means that a U.S. soldier, fireman, policeman or EMT will own a knife or knives that will help make their job easier, during this difficult time.

For more information please contact customer service.
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