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The Cutting Edge® evolved from A. G. Russell's List of Knives for Immediate Delivery, the first ever consignment service for knives. Beginning in 1968, we published simple black and white offers of mostly handmade knives that I purchased at the many knife shows we participated in.

These simple offers worked because most of you who love knives do not have the time to travel to knife shows and would rather spend your money on the knife rather than an airplane ticket and a hotel room. In 1990, those printed offers were expanded and we introduced a printed catalog, The Cutting Edge®, with full color covers and many more knives. We continued to mail these catalogs monthly until sometime in 2003 when we lost the staff that we had trained and found that the cost of producing eleven to twelve mailings per year was prohibitive.

We have continued this "After Market" business of selling previously owned collectible and handmade knives using the internet at In August 2009, we began to once again mail the printed version of The Cutting Edge®. We mailed 5 books in 2010 and 6 books in 2011 and 5 books in 2012. Each book contains between 200 and 250 mostly handmade knives, some from makers who are no longer with us like Buster Warenski, Bob Loveless, G.W. Stone, Cooper Knives and Jimmy Lile. Or by current makers such as Randall Knives, Harvey Dean, Dennis Riley, Keith Murr, Koji Hara, William Henry and many, many others.

An Annual Subscription assures that you will receive all books produced during that year. In 2013, we will mail a minimum of five books, perhaps as many as seven.

If you prefer to receive an e-mail notification that a PDF of the book is posted, fill out the form at Just fill out that form and press the submit button. You will receive an e-mail each time we mail a printed book with a link to a downloadable PDF of that book.

Cuttingedge Knife List Printed Book Subscription 1 Year


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KL $15.00

Cuttingedge Knife List Printed Book Subscription 1 Year International


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KL-INT $30.00

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