Kissing Crane, founded in 1834, is a line of traditional pocket and hunting knives that are made the "old fashioned way", with good solid 440A equivalent stainless steel and attention to quality and detail.

HallMark Cutlery has brought back old world tradition with the revered Kissing Crane brand. The 170 plus year old brand may be the epitome of its genre. With names like "Congress", "Canoe", "Toothpick", and "Trapper", these traditional style knives speak of old men whittling on a courthouse bench, kids playing mumbly-peg, and 24 cent gasoline. Kissing Crane knives have and will continue to be a favorite for many generations.

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Kissing Crane™ Classic Hunter Stag

Kissing Crane™ Classic Hunter Stag

The Kissing Crane™ Classic Hunter is based on a traditional hunting knife design that has been popular in both Europe and the United States for well over 125 years. This style knife comes back into favor every couple of decades. There is probably a knife of this basic design in the hunting pack of some member of your family.

HAL-KC0578S $64.95