Lazy Spoon & Spatula
Fire Edged Lazy Spoon® - (JNS-LS12CH)


Fire Edged Lazy Spatula® - (JNS-LS122CH)



Handcrafted in Pennsylvania.

The lazy part doesn't really apply to the tool, but rather to the cook. The notch in the handle is designed to hold the spoon on the edge of your pot, keeping the drips in the pot instead of all over the cook top or counter, allowing you to be lazy. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania of wild cherry wood and finished with flame-blackened edges, these beautiful, yet functional wooden cooking utensils are designed to last a lifetime. Handwash and occasionally coat with oil (we prefer natural coconut oil) to keep them looking their best. Measures 12" in length. Made in the U.S.A.

Fire Edged Lazy Spoon®

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Fire Edged Lazy Spatula®

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