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September 1, 2004

In February of this year, while in a meeting with Fox Cutlery of Italy, I decided that it was the ideal time to respond to the many requests I had received for a newly designed seaman's knife. A new design would allow the introduction of many innovative features, which I already had in mind, and the opportunity to utilize some of the new technology and materials available today. In short order, I sketched out my ideas explaining each of the important features and detailed the new materials to be used for each one. Thus was the birth of the SeaMaster™.

This new design, the A. G. Russell SeaMaster™, has a flat ground 3-1/4" blade of ATS-34 stainless steel at 59-61 Rc. The folding 2-3/4" marlinspike is stainless steel. Both are coated with a special material composed of both Titanium and Aluminum, a very tough coating with a hardness of 80 Rc. and great rust resistance. The 4-1/8" handles are Titanium. The locking mechanism for both the blade and the spike is the Frame-Lock derived from Michael Walker's Liner-Lock®. With the black blade and spike, and the pale blue titanium handles, this knife has a striking appearance.

AGSA-118TI . . . . . $275.00

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